Membership in the Club is restricted to classic car owners with cars that are twenty (20) years old or older.  The vehicle can basically be of any type but must be driveable and serviceable.

Potential new members must be sponsored into Club by an existing member in good standing.

In addition each member shall be required to furnish a 3/4 front view of their vehicle to the club which will be used for display purposes in the membership roster, calendar and the 'Wall of Fame' at the monthly meeting place. Photo will be "doctored up" with a new background to give it some pizzaz for the wall plus member will receive and 8 1/2" x 11" copy compliments of Photo Renditions by Bob, a club member who specializes in this type of photo rendering, a $25.00 value.

Dues are $36.00 per year and are due not later than March 15th of each year.  New members pay dues based on a pro-rated scale depending on the month they join the club.

If dues are not paid by March 15th of each year, that member shall have to wait until the following year to pay their dues and shall not be allowed to take part in any Club events or display any club logo(s) for that year.  Exceptions to this may be made under special circumstances.

All members are expected to attend the montly meetings which are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month unless otherwise posted.  They are also expected to help at any club event, such as the annual benefit Car Show(s), Halloween party, etc. Sign-up sheets shall be made available for for such events well in advance of the event.

Explusion and/or other disciplinary measures may be taken against a member, or members, in reqards to the failure to pay dues, fees, infractions of the Constitution and By-Laws and/or other causes determined by the Board of Directors by a 3/4 majority vote of the Board, after such member, or members, have been given written notice from the President of the Board.

All members shall comport themselves in such a fashion while in public representing the Club so as to not bring discredit on the Club or any member of the Club.

For further information, ask to see a copy of the Club's By-Laws.













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